We advise for your maximum protection and resource optimization.

Labor - Law

  • Individual and collective litigations before Labor Authorities.
  • Labor preventive auditing and business regulation.
  • Legal representation before the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare for labor, welfare and hygiene inspections.
  • We promote Amparo Proceedings for Labor Issues, among others.

Tax Administration Law

  • Counseling in Tax Administration.
  • Legal Advice for Audits and Tax Administration Inspections that the company receives.
  • Business auditing and regularization in both tax and labor issues.
  • Follow-up to Notifications.
  • Objections to administrative non-compliance penalties.
  • Administrative Procedures Impeachment.
  • Annulment Trial before Federal Court of Justice for Tax and Administrative Matters against any administrative authority (STPS, PROFEPA, CNA, PROFECO, SCT, to mention some).
  • Among others.

Payroll Consulting and Management

  • Payroll Maquila.
  • Absorption of Labor Liabilities.
  • Among others.

Recruitment and Selection

Focusing on the needs and capabilities of your company, we seek and select the ideal candidates based on skills needed for the required vacancies.

  • Work references.
  • Socioeconomic surveys.
  • Medical exams.
  • Psychometric tests.
  • Honesty tests.

Worker Benefits

  • Discount Card.
  • Medical care.
  • Protection insurance.


Contributions according to the possibilities of the worker, deducted through payroll.


We offer loan system through payroll.

Advice On Mortage Loans

We offer advice in the processing of a credit INFONAVIT, COFINAVTI or Banking for the acquisition of housing.

Insurance for you

We are experts in personal, business, and government insurance. With the support of well-known insurance companies, with whom we also develop special and unique products, we carry out free-of-charge risk assessments in order to find the best option for your family or company.

  • Individual Life Insurance.
  • Collective Life Insurance.
  • Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Individual and Collective Full-coverage Health Insurance.
  • Car and Fleets Insurance.
  • Industry Insurance.
  • Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Hotel Industry Insurance.
  • Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Transportation Insurance.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Government Insurance.
  • Condo Association Insurance.
  • And more.

Y más.

Training and courses
Labor Law and Tax Law

Train with the best lawyers.


Support your employees to develop a better financial culture.

  • What is financial culture and how to begin.
  • Budgets and how to create them.
  • Savings and Investments.
  • Difference between credit and loan.
  • Recommendations to manage a loan.
  • Overindebtedness.
  • Credit Information Societies: Credit Bureau, Círculo de Crédito, Myths and realities.
  • Basic Financial Concepts: Credit, Payment Capacity, Total Annual Costs.

Communication Strategies

At INARI we know that image is everything, that is why we offer strategies to create an integrated brand with the following services:

Immigration applications before National Immigration Institute
We help you legalize your stay in Mexico as a foreigner
We counsel and help carry out different procedures before the INM, such as:
  • Travel authorization for minors.
  • Entry for people that do not require visa.
  • Obtain temporary residence status.
  • Renew migration document.
  • Change status to permanent resident.
  • Obtain APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC).
  • Obtain Stay status for family tie.
  • Issue replacement migration document.
  • Notify changes to INM on behalf of foreign resident in Mexico.
  • Obtain work permit for foreign residents in Mexico.

  • Obtain Multiple Electronic Migration Form.
Register Brand before IMPI (Mexican Institute of Industrial Property).
Register your brand hassle-free
There are two processes for properly registering a brand:
  • Deliver and review of proper filling of the format for brand registration, including the classification.
    Duration: 4 months from the moment the registration is done.
  • Determination of the brand’s registrability.
    Duration: 3 months after form examination is done.
Our service includes: counseling and/or filling or form, presenting registration before IMPI, follow-up and delivery of brand’s Registration Title anywhere in the Mexican Republic.
Corporate Law and Corporate Governance
(Manage Family Companies)
  • Forming and managing all type of Companies and Societies.
  • Corporate Counseling.
  • Preparation of bylaws.
  • Elaboration, analysis and study of any type of contracts the company requires such as lease, purchase, distribution, service delivery, Mercantile Commissions, among others.
  • Corporate Records.
  • Counseling, Follow-up and elaboration of minutes of meetings, Powers and Registrations or Societies Corporate Books.
  • Merges and Divisions.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Dissolution and Settlements.
  • Establish Committees within family companies for decision making.


  • · Employer registration.
  • · Counseling and procedures for modalidad 40/ retirement and severance calculation.
  • · SATIC/SIROC Management.
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